Care and handling of your paper giclee print on arrival 

Giclee prints are very special: they can be found in the world's finest museums, art galleries and private art collections and should be treasured and cared for in the same way as an original piece of art.

Giclee prints reproduce the rich colours and beautiful detail of each artwork.

  • I recommend taking your print straight to the framer, unrolled. If this can’t be done, after unrolling it from the packaging, please use two hands to support your print so it will not bend. A crease in the print is permanent.

  • I would recommend wearing cotton gloves when handling the print as a simple fingerprint can leave a mark on the surface.

  • The cardboard tube your print is packaged in is not suitable for long-time storage as it is not acid free and archival. 

  • Please keep your new print covered until it is framed to avoid damage. Be careful of water, hard objects & adhesives as these can damage and scratch the surface of your print. Try not to use your hands or fingers to wipe off any dust as this can also scratch or mark the surface.

  • After being framed, try to keep your print away from direct sunlight as UV rays can eventually affect the colours over time.