Where do I get Inspiration?

So its currently spring and there is colour everywhere! The Dandenong Ranges come to life in spring with flowers of every kind. I thought I would give an insight into what inspires me , how I translate that to paper and how pieces come to life. My main source of inspiration is found in nature.

Tulip Farm Festival

My work is inspired by what is happening at that point in time, what environment I am surrounded by and what season it is. At the moment I am using a lot of pinks and purples, in summer I use a lot of blue due to the ocean. As you can see it is hard not to be inspired by such beautiful colours.

I choose to surround myself with such things on my desk and workspace area. Keeping flowers and botanicals on my desk really helps me visually while I am working. Also the textures in some of them are unreal.

At this point once I have been somewhere that has really inspired me to create, I get everything together, reference photos, flowers, botanicals . I essentially start mark making with colours and textures I have seen and getting it out onto paper. Paint, pastel and pencils are my current choice of materials.

So there you have it. I hope this has given an insight into what I see and how I interpret that through art.



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